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Yoga for Cancer ManagementBack

  • 06 Apr

    1:00 pm

  • Ground Yoga 626 Broadway Avenue, Saskatoon, SK S7N 1A9

This is a specialty yoga class for women at any stage of their cancer journey, from diagnosis to recovery. Yoga experience is not required, but for those still in treatment, clearance from your doctor to participate in gentle exercise is. The class combines Exercise Therapy techniques with Hatha and Yin Yoga. Students are taught how to move at their own pace and how to modify poses to meet their current level of ability. This class will include lessons on yoga philosophy, different types of meditation and how a yogic lifestyle can contribute to health and healing. Additionally breathing, pain management and relaxation techniques will be taught. Functional movement and alignment will be assessed and addressed on an individual basis.

This is a FREE class, no pre-registration required.

Classes are taught by Janis Riise and Tara Tse, Kinesiologists who are experienced clinicians that have multiple certifications to work with people with various medical conditions and injuries. They love helping people move better and enjoy sharing the therapeutic benefits of yoga.

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