Saskatchewan Breast Cancer Connect

Who We Are

Our values

  • Teamwork

    Sharing of information and resources, developing and nurturing relationships.

  • Respect

    Treating all people with civility, courtesy and dignity; accepting personal differences.

  • Equality

    All patients have access and the right to information and services.

  • Evidence

    Informed knowledge.


Board Members

  • Diana Ermel Co-Chair

     Since my diagnosis of breast cancer in 1993, I have been involved in cancer advocacy and education. I am guided by a vision of a future where people affected by cancer have the care, information and support they need, when they need it. Although much has changed in the past 20 years, people affected by cancer remain isolated and unable to access the information, services and programs that would significantly improve their quality of life.  I am strongly committed to the belief that groups and agencies working on behalf of people with cancer must work collaboratively and cooperatively and actively seek to incorporate the patient voice in their decision making.  I became involved in Saskatchewan Breast Connect because I believe we can make a difference through connecting all stakeholders and patients, and working towards comprehensive and integrated cancer services for all people of Saskatchewan.
  • Tracy Gardikiotis Co-Chair

    I am a physical therapist that specializes in breast cancer rehabilitation and lymphedema management. I have worked with many breast cancer patients who were not aware of all the breast cancer information and treatment support services available to them. SBCC has been able to fill this important gap and connect breast cancer patients to the information, support and treatment services available to them in a timely manner through their various projects, education events and direct support. It was important to me to join and support SBCC as a committee member on both a professional and personal level, as I have witnessed first hand how breast cancer patients have benefitted from the work that SBCC has accomplished. 
  • Colleen Kot Board Member

  • Andrea Soby Board Member

    When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I didn't know where to turn or who to talk to. My experience drives my passion to get support services and resources to those in need. I want to to make it easier for those getting diagnosed to find the support that they need right from the start. I have been involved with SBCC from the get go and believe that it is an organization that can really help breast cancer patients. 
  • Nathalie Baudais Board Member

    I became involved with SBCC after attending one of their events, a Young Women with Breast Cancer Retreat. It was amazingly helpful for me. As a young mother with metastatic breast cancer, I don't often come across people in similar circumstances. At the retreat, I met many who were going through similar experiences. It was exactly the type of support that I needed. I want to be involved in helping others get the support that they need when they need it. I truly feel like SBCC can make that happen.
  • Lorrie Reinboldt Board Member

    I became aware of SBCC because it was an organization that my sister, Deb Matthews, was very passionate about. When I volunteered to help at one of the events, I met amazing people who were dedicated to their cause. When asked if I wanted to play a larger role in the organization, I welcomed the opportunity. I understand that a cancer diagnosis can be truly terrifying and that it takes a whole support system to help someone along this journey. A group that can help connect a person with support, resources and a sense that they are not alone is definitely needed. A coordination of resources in the province is vital to give cancer patients some feeling of control and sense of direction in this new and confusing world that they've been thrown into. 
  • Debbra Matthews Board Member

  • Deanna Retzlaff Board Member

    I was diagnosed with Multifocal  Er+ Pr+  IDC April 2015 at the age of 44. My treatments include several surgeries, Chemotherapy and Tamoxifen. I am married and am proud of my 2 daughters. I work part-time for the Saskatoon Health Region and am involved in many Breast Cancer charities in Saskatchewan. I am one of the peer facilitators for the Saskatoon Breast Cancer Support Group as well as one of the organizers for BRA Day- Saskatoon.
  • Angela Schmolke Board Member