Saskatchewan Breast Cancer Connect

Meeting Minutes

Annual General MeetingBack

  • Sep 28, 2013

Anthea Fritz (interim Chair) called the meeting to order at 1pm and introduced the interim Board members

The meeting was attended by 52 members in person and 3 by teleconference.

1. The Chair reviewed the SBCC accomplishments to date:

Getting Established

  • Core working group
  • Mission and Values
  • Logo
  • Strategic Planning Workshop
  • Incorporated
  • Mapping of services
  • Developing bylaws and policies
  • Membership
  • First Annual General Meeting

Deepening Our Understanding

  • Representation on Ministry of Health Lymphedema Working Group
  • Saskatchewan Cancer Research Day Dec 2012
  • Lymphedema Symposium April 2012
  • Living Well with Cancer April 2012
  • CBCN/ Rethink Meeting June 2012
  • Manitoba Breast & Women’s Cancer Network October 2012

Reaching Out

  • Breast Cancer Action SK
  • Canadian Breast Cancer Network
  • Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
  • Canadian Cancer Society, SK Division
  • Friends of Hope
  • Pink Earth Angels
  • Provincial government
  • Saskatchewan Cancer Agency
  • Saskatchewan Lymphedema Association
  • Willow
  • Eagle Moon
  • First Nations Healing Centre Fort Qu’Appelle

SBCC in 2013

  • AGM
  • Officers in Place
  • Co-host Rethink Event
  • Bylaws completed
  • Facebook Page
  • Twitter Account
  • Membership development 

2. Financial Report

Deb Matthews moved acceptance of the financial report as presented in the AGM and Education Day booklet. Financial statement attached.

Seconded by: Rita Grant


3. Committee Reports

There are no formal committees in place at this time. However, the interim board has made suggestions for they types of committees that might be required moving forward. The interim board decided that the final decision should be left up to the new Board. 

4. By-Laws

Moved by Colleen Kott; seconded by Daphne Murray that the by-laws as circulated be accepted as the SBCC By-laws.


5. Board of Directors

Anthea read the slate of nominated directors. It was noted that Anthea Fritz’s name was missing. She explained that she would step down in favour of having a broader representation from across Saskatchewan. Deb Matthews requested her name by removed from the slate at this time. Moved by Deb Matthews; seconded by Tracy Gardikiotis that Anthea Fritz’s name be added to the slate.

Call for nominations from the floor:

Sandie Henry was nominated and agreed to have her name stand.

Cec Popiuk was nominated and agreed to have her name stand. 

Revised Slate of Directors

  • Glenda Cook
  • Deb Koptie
  • Jan Derwores
  • Diana Ermel
  • Garry Frigon
  • Pam Frigon
  • Anthea Fritz
  • Florence Graham
  • Nancy Hordern
  • Sandra Lipsett
  • Andrea Soby
  • Colleen Kott
  • Sandie Henry
  • Cec Popiuk

Moved by Linda Mickalishen; seconded by Claudette Beitel that the revised slate be accepted as the 2012-14 SBCC Board of Directors. 

6. Meeting adjourned at 1:45. 


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