Saskatchewan Breast Cancer Connect

Newly Diagnosed

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with breast cancer, you are probably feeling a wide range of emotions and uncertainty about what will happen next. 

Visit the following agencies and their resources to get information about getting the news, telling others, managing your care and your health care team. 

Sources for Information

  • Breast Cancer Action Saskatchewan's Newly Diagnosed Kits

    The Newly Diagnosed Kit includes materials to help you understand your diagnosis, help you cope, and guide you to support resources and services. Kits are available free of charge throughout the province.


    Your Journey - A Guide for Women Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

    The manual provides comprehensive information for newly diagnosed women and those just beginning treatment for breast cancer. 

  • LBBC Newly Diagnosed

    This section covers how and why breast cancer grows, tests and imaging to learn more about breast cancer, members of the healthcare team and treatment options and considerations. 


    Willow Newly Diagnosed

    This section is for anyone who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and addresses the commonly experienced emotions one feels when newly diagnosed. 

  • CBCN Newly Diagnosed

    Here, you will find information to help you understand your diagnosis, links to support groups across the country, information on treatment options and more.